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Check out the list of companies that have hired international students on CPT or OPT from the University of Illinois. This data, updated quarterly, will show you what companies you can consider for your future career and which majors match well with what companies. 

7 assumptions recruiters make about you based on your resume (Monster.com, January 26, 2016)

Beijing eases policy for internships, post-study work in China’s tech center (Thepienews.com, January 28, 2016)

9 Essential Job Interview Tips - Job Interview Questions and Answers! (Youtube.com, Jan 29, 2016)


Upcoming Events/Workshops

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Friday, February 12, 4-5:30 PM , The Interview Suite, 616 E. Green St

The Career Center will teach international students how to best utilize LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network in the first half of the workshop. It would be more helpful to bring your own laptop to this workshop. Then, in the second half, informational interviews will be introduced as an integral part of networking and your job/internship hunting plan. Students will be given information on how to prepare for and conduct an informational interview with an effective elevator pitch and how to turn an informational interview into an interview. Sign up here.

Global Career Opportunities (GCO) Internship Abroad

Friday, February 19, 4-5:30 PM , The Interview Suite, 616 E. Green St

The Career Center and AISEC will have a panel workshop with 5 panelists who interned abroad. How multicultural competencies in global workplaces can be used and developed will be discussed. This workshop is geared toward international students and domestic students who want to pursue non-US careers. Sign up here

Success Story

Hyeji Son (2)
Success Story 4_Part II

Hyeji Son_Part II

This is Son Hyeji's success story part II. 


Hyeji Son
Success Story 4_Part I

Hyeji Son_Part I

This is Son Hyeji's success story part I. 


Achira Kulasekara
Success Story 3

Achira Kulasekara 

Achira Kulasekara participated in Spring 2013 ICC program. He came to UIUC in 2010 and graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in...

Yeaji Ham
Success Story 2

Yeaji Ham

Yeaji Ham came to the U.S. when she was in 9th grade and graduated from UIUC in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. This Korean alumnae worked at the...