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Have you had difficulties finding more effective resources for job searching in the U.S.? Do you want to strategically use LinkedIn for a job search? Do you struggle to communicate in person or via email in a professional setting? If you answer “yes” to one of those questions, you should come to INTL Career Workshop Series. The Career Center will provide a monthly workshop to help you improve your career development skills. All workshops will be held in The Interview Suite 213, 616 E. Green (Enter Kaplan building between Subway and McDonald’s and head to 2nd floor).

1. Best Job Search Resources for International Students: Wednesday, Feb. 25, 4- 5:30 PM

2. Strategic Use of LinkedIn for International StudentsThursday, March 19, 4- 5:30 PM,

3. Professional Communication for International StudentsThursday, April 9, 4- 5:30 PM

If you have any questions about the INTL Career Workshop Series, please feel free to ask Tina Yeo at hyeo8@illinois.edu

Are you planning to get a job/internship in your home country after graduating? Do you want to get a job in another country other than the United States? The Career Center wants to proactively help you broaden your career horizon with the Global Career Opportunity (GCO) Series. The GCO series will introduce promising global job markets, share global job market trends and different cultures, and guide you to develop an appropriate resume for a certain job market. The grand opening of the GCO series will start with a kick-off workshop,How to Prepare for Re-Entry to Your Home Culture,” 4 p.m.- 6 p.m. on February 26. Please RSVP here

Future GCO events are as follows:

·         Job Search in Korea, 3 p.m.- 5 p.m., March 11

·         Job Search in Brazil, 4 p.m.- 6 p.m., April 2

·         Job Search in China, 4 p.m.- 6 p.m., April 15

All events will take place in the Interview Suite 213 of The Career Center, 616 E. Greet St. The official language of the events will be English. Before participating in the event, researching the country you are interested in through GoinGlobal will be helpful preparation for you

Upcoming Events/Workshops

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Friday, March 27, 10 AM- 5 PM, Hotel Pennsylvania New York, 401 7th Ave. at 33rd st. NY 10001

2015 Asian Career Expo by CESNA Group focuses on Korean-English bilingual students and professionals looking for new jobs. In order to participate this expo, you should apply first, and also, you can apply to be a volunteer so that you can get free admission. Also, you will have a chances to meet representatives from the companies participating. They also provide a travel scholarship. Only selected participants, however, will have interviews with the representative of the company that has awarded the scholarship. Check more information here.

February 10- May 8, ISSS conference room

Tuesdays -  11 AM,
Wednesdays -  3 PM,
Thursdays -  3 PM,
Fridays – 2 PM, Fridays - 3:30 PM

If you are graduating in Spring 2015 and you have plans to obtain employment authorization after graduation, you should start the Optional Practical Training (OPT) application well in advance of your graduation, as approval can take 2-3 months to obtain. ISSS provides workshops about OPT rules, regulations and application procedures as well as answering general OPT questions you may have. If you are unable to attend a workshop due to scheduling conflicts, please contact us at 217-333-1303 or use ISSS online scheduler to set up an appointment with an advisor at ISSS.

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Achira Kulasekara 

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Yeaji Ham

Yeaji Ham came to the U.S. when she was in 9th grade and graduated from UIUC in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy. This Korean alumnae worked at the...

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