International Friendly Companies

Lists provided by ISSS

Lists of companies who have hired international students on CPT or OPT from the University of Illinois during the past year.

  *******New: J1 Academic Training, April 2016 

  *******New: Graduate CPT& OPT, December 2015

  *******New: Undergraduate CPT & OPT, December 2015

Visa job information portal and online community. Current database lists top H1B sponsors searchable by fields such as state, occupation, and industry; allows users to search current job openings from top visa sponsors 2014 Green Card sponsors by top 10 UIUC international students' origins

China, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Singapore


Other lists

Recruiting Programs of US Organizations Open to International Students
Recruiting Programs outside the US Open to International Students  

Foreign Labor Certification Data Center
Allows users to download raw data related to H1Bs and wage information, but note that this is raw data which can be very difficult to analyze and search

Avila Solutions
Lists Hi-Tech companies in the U.S. who sponsor H1B work permits